World Heritage Grimeton

Staff at the World Heritage Grimeton Radio Station

Lars G. Johansson, Manager
Jennie Helin, information
Benny Johansson
Anders Larsson
Karina Larsson
Camilla Lugnet
Mats Olsson
Mirjam Olsson

World Heritage Grimeton –

besoek-vaerldsarvetGrimeton’s radio station was occupied in 2004 as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Swedish-American Ernst Alexandersson had developed a technology for wireless telegraph station in Grimeton came to use.

Today SAQ with its alternator and multiple antenna for long wave unique as the only surviving radio station from the days before there was radio tubes for high power, ie. before short-wave took over.


The Grimeton radio station, with call sign SAQ, was commissioned in 1924. It was built for wireless telegraphy using techniques developed by the Swedish-American Ernst Alexanderson. Today, SAQ is in fully working order and prime condition. The “Alternator” and multiple tuned antennas of the radio station are the only ones of their kind saved from the days before high power radio valves were developed.

In 1920 the Swedish parliament decided that the Telegraph Authorities should build a radio station to be able to comply with the request of wireless communication with America. Ernst Alexanderson’s equipment, connected to a global network of long-wave transmitters was chosen. All around the world, a global network with 18 alternators were installed and the “Radio Centre” on Long Island became the hub in this gigantic plan.The Swedish transmitting station was built at Grimeton where the agricultural countryside near the coast would give the radio waves free passage to the sea and onwards across the Atlantic.