Images – West Park Primary School

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This is ours school


Class 4

Mrs Dickens

Mrs Dickens!

63 Responses to Images – West Park Primary School

  1. chanel says:

    one of my favroite projects in the world

  2. chanel says:

    i really miss the project

  3. Shivani says:

    Stop war
    All around the world there is war,
    Every single day people are creating more
    What i want to ask the is why?
    Don’t you know many people die?
    Just be calm and look at the clouds
    Oh no, you can’t you’re shooting crowds
    Why can’t you realise
    All of us can become allies.
    Violence, anger, stupidity and hate
    Is war just planned or is it fate?
    People can’t be shot, we have rights
    But all wars end with a vicious fight.
    Guns, bombs and tanks are a waste of money
    Some people think killing is funny.
    Now take a few minutes to think about my ryme
    Isn’t war a treacherous crime?
    Why don’t people make a truce
    I would do that, wouldn’t you?

  4. Sufyaan Rashid says:

    I miss doing the UN Day project. Do you?

    • mehaylachamaleh says:

      We miss you too. You can be with us this year also. Send us your messages and you will participate to the celebration from 2014. Be with us also on Facebook !

  5. Sufyaan Rashid says:

    he guys its sufyaan what are you doing

  6. Hafsa says:

    If you are under the sky
    Thinking why,
    People are having wars
    You know they are breaking laws,
    Stand up for what is right
    Shine the light,
    Make it a brighter day
    So people can play.

  7. chanel says:

    I miss Lisa’s project. I want carry on and you must bring peace around the world, help Syria too!!!!!!!!!!!! Lets change guns into guitars!

  8. zain says:

    do you want this…..

    Stop the war
    stop the war
    we want the peace
    we don’t like the fire
    false or true face ?
    … Stop the blood
    your heart is so cruel
    we need our food
    Not your fuel
    Stop the crime
    if you are human
    you created a bad time
    do you have children ?
    Stop your arms
    take a flower
    The life is so nice
    Love is power

    Peace Is…

    A peaceful day to me

    is when living things are as happy as can be.

    Children will laugh and play,

    and wish to do this every day.

    War will be over,

    Everyone will be friendlier

    And the day will be as peaceful as ever.
    Peace is… a gift from the gods cherish.

    It is greatly ignored by some,

    But it is a hidden treasure.

    Peace is… togetherness and truces.

    Someday, it will spill out like water throughout the world.

    Peace is… empty of war

    And filled with love, faith and kindness.

    Peace is… something you will keep and spread forever.

    It is fair, free and everlasting.

    We want to have it evermore.

    • zain says:

      Peace is gratitude
      Peace is love
      Peace is heaven sent from up above
      Look no further than yourself
      This time difficulties have put you to the test
      Determination is what makes you your best
      Feel blessed.

      Pray for The Fallen People

      The light of many suns
      heat and wind
      then silence.

      For a moment I knew the joy of flight as my body was lifted by the blast,
      it was only a moment,
      then I knew not joy again
      the distant memory of it could not sustain me as I walked through the sea of fire.
      Voices crying out,
      images none should ever see,
      the sounds of the fallen people.
      Their flights short lived and the landings difficult.
      Man indistinguishable from woman
      their thirst unquenchable in the dark of a night lit only by fires
      A night etched ever in the memory
      of a child lost among the ashes,
      with only the voices of the fallen for a lullaby.

      The faded refrain of the dissonant lullaby echoes still,
      carrying the ache across the remains,
      across the land and sea,
      until a cry for water becomes a cry for peace,
      a body broken becomes a chance for healing,
      a city burned becomes a site to rebuild,
      a child lost becomes a hope for us all,
      the voices of the fallen people become a song of love.

      Harmony shattered
      Innocent victims
      Rotting away slowly
      Opaque sky above
      Shower of painful tears spread throughout
      Hidden grotesque images
      Injustice sufferings
      Massacred by an atomic bomb
      Abhorrent history never to be repeated again.

      Why War?
      Pain, blood, tears remain
      Grief, odium are developed
      Why do we still fight.

      “Love Over the World”rap

      I met this lady on my way,
      she asked me for a favor in a single way,
      asked me to write her a silent song,
      but recently I feel something is wrong,
      because I can’t be silent like this for long,
      if given the mic, I cant let go,
      hold it close to my mouth till the last line drops
      she only wanted it 4 her son,
      to bring peace in her house,
      then i remembered of Kenya,
      where in 2007 peace didn’t last forever,
      because the politicians felt a bit clever,
      and took the vote for their game,
      but this is not the time to lay blames,
      I have this magic pen to write,
      please sir give me some rights,
      freely let me preach it in white,
      to brothers sisters and everyone alike,
      lets join hands, fly the white Doves
      its time we play life and forget those hatred games,
      from the east to the west,
      together as one,
      All over the world,
      this is a message of love.

      Finding Peace

      A cry in the night, you hold out your hand
      I run from the light, but stuck in quicksand
      I awake in my bed, I’m ready to scream
      A feeling of dread, it’s only a dream

      But the winds blow strong, the darkness is looming
      Blood it is flowing, the cannons are booming
      Fighting and war bring nothing but grief
      Our leaders steal lives, there is no relief

      From old to young generations are lost
      The tears and lives are the true cost
      Millennium 200, wouldn’t men learn
      For peace and for love is what we should yearn

      Another way dawns, a happier day
      For joy and for peace, the only way
      Open your hearts, love all mankind
      Share with the world and we will find.


      The trees tell my story, no one can hear
      Once upon a time, sleepless nights and many a fear
      No noise but the laughter of the river
      The crying of the rain and the leaves’ shiver

      Then was a shining rose born
      Not a petal and not a thorn
      Nothing in red, nor in green
      The last rose I’ve ever

      Peace is something we all want. rap

      No wars, bomb, or missles to fire.
      Just the loving friends and family you admire.
      The scariest thing to be in the middle of a war.
      The survivors of the atomic bomb, hurt and sore.I can’t imagine that,
      attacked by a bomb only seeing a flash of light.
      pitch black,blind as a dark night.
      I still wish that everybody believed in peace and believed in each other.
      Especially family, brother, sister, or mother.

      • zain says:

        Today I choose to be peaceful
        I choose to be happy
        I choose to be calm
        I choose to be healthy
        I choose to be compassionate
        I choose to be free
        I choose to love myself completely
        and be kind to others regardless of what my situation may be.
        I choose to hug a tree
        and thank it for giving me life,
        Today I choose to forgive my enemy.

        I am as powerful as the ocean What turns men into killing machines,
        That blow apart lives and destroy innocent dreams?

        Look into the eyes of a child and may the pain that you see,
        Haunt you as much as it haunts me.

        Innocent lives destroyed by the things that they saw,
        In yet another pointless and brutal war.

        Look at the tear stained face of a child whose home has been blown apart,
        In a war he doesn’t understand and he certainly didn’t start.

        Feel the pain of the child who has lost a limb,
        Can you explain the reasons for this war to him?

        Or the little girl weeping beside her dead mother,
        While the ambulance crew try to save her brother.

        Look at the orphans that this war did create,
        And you’ll see another generation who will learn how to hate.

        For as a heartbroken child cries in the still of the night,
        He dreams of the day when for revenge he will fight.

        I was walking out of school when the bell was canceled.
        I saw the pretty sky and sun shining down on me with dancing clouds.
        Then, that breathtaking view suddenly vanished and was filled with
        red and black sky. The frolicking clouds were no more. Soon, the sky
        became all smoke. My heart fell out at the moment. Lost family’s
        relatives. Blood and guts spilled out of every living soul. The smell
        was hideous and the sight was monstrous and unbearable.
        Although I try to, these memories just won’t be erased. I just can’t
        seem to forget them. It’s stuck like glue.

        Only an Ant’s blood

        If only…if only
        The ants could ever speak a thought,
        Then the gales wouldn’t be the only
        To lament on the blindness that hate has brought
        The day Greed took the lonely,

        They charge at their own,
        Driven with the anger in their gut
        And never have they ever known
        How many ants they crushed.

        Black is the stream, filled with the blood
        Of the ones the Valkyries carried away for delight
        And as the greedy stop and look in dismay
        They see the trees shrivel from the poison water

        Too late did they see through their blindness and Greed,
        For spilled blood and a blade do not make an olive wreath.
        cause so much damage… And it did.

  9. chanel says:

    peace and harmony, bring peace around the world, i love lisa project, it was amazing to see all my friends on the internet, my mum and dad loved it, hello to sweden friends!!!!!!!

  10. Casey says:

    Peace must be everywhere!!

  11. saber says:

    help everyone not just the syrians but the ones that need help.
    I value to have food and water.

  12. saber says:

    the project was great

  13. shehzad says:

    peace is upon you so don’t fight or rain comes on you

  14. shehzad says:

    peac love were would i find it uder a leaf
    do you no i hade a leaf that reminds me of peace it importut
    for me and you lets chat together

  15. shehzad says:

    peace, love and harmony ..
    just what i need ,
    but were will i find it
    stop wars!!!
    why does war egsit?
    let’s help poor!!!

  16. Hafsa says:

    It’s not just Syrians Freedom Peace harmony the whole world needs that people are having a bad time in life even childre are having a bad time there taking part in the war can you belive that have a warm heart please just don’t have a cold heart what are children gonna remmember when their older what are you going to have if you start a war stress even the primeinesters would have good time in life if they have just three really easy words freedom peace harmony just think if you were homless had to live on the streets cold lost just think before you start any wars or start anything bad just please i’m begging you stop wars.

  17. Annika says:

    No wars , No dying and No bombs should have to be used
    people are sleeping on mattresses
    its a hard time in these peoples lives
    they don’t even have clean clothes or clean water
    they are extremely poor
    children and adults are dying because of the large bombs
    people are dying out there !!!!
    please help the Syrians

  18. Kandish says:

    Hey guys the grand high wich is very ugly but mrs dickens is a lovely teacher

  19. Sufyaan Rashid says:

    Hey guys,

    its Sufyaan. How are you all??

    I love this project because it teaches me about all the other people out there!

  20. Hafsa says:

    Everybody have rights
    to speak out loud
    have a warm heart don’t have a cold heart
    what happend to a happy childhood people are dieing out there
    what are they going to remember when there older

  21. Hafsa says:

    Don’t break people’s heart,
    Be fair,
    Share with every one
    Be fair.

  22. Shivani says:

    it is our first time doing this

  23. Shivani says:

    People have a right to learn if they dont
    what are they going to do when there older?
    Peoples familys are dying and the people
    can’t take care of there selfs

  24. zain says:

    un day is special for our project

  25. zain says:

    everyone has a right to move country when there are wars.people can’t die

  26. Shivani says:

    Bring peace around the world make people happy no wars no fighting
    and no homeless people just peace and harmony thats what the world
    need, water,food clothes and a home thats how people can live.
    People are dying what shall we do? Everyone should live.
    To many guns to many wars and to many people are dying
    and everyone has a right to live.

  27. Shivani says:

    i liked going to the Newhampton Art Center

  28. Hafsa says:

    I’m soo exited about the Eid party I’m gonna wear a really nice dress it’s red and a little orange but with loads of jewls

  29. Hafsa says:

    so no one commented

  30. Hafsa says:

    no one was awake 6.36

  31. Hafsa says:

    Danyal where have u been

  32. annika says:

    Hi,Hafsa have you learnt your script yet for Lisa I have

  33. Danyal says:


  34. Hafsa says:

    Sorry where it says with i mean witch

  35. Hafsa says:

    The wig of the Grand High With does kinda look like Mrs Dickens

  36. Hafsa says:

    Hey look I can’t download the pic so look this is my job
    Hafsa Rabia Malik
    Staff number: MAL63113
    Divisional Director

  37. Hafsa says:

    Danyal should be here any minute

  38. Danyal says:

    hafsa you online

  39. Hafsa says:

    Here’s another poem that i wrote
    The world is sad
    Please stop being bad,
    no more wars
    don’t break the laws.

  40. Hafsa says:

    sorry I was just eating Dip Dap

  41. benaiah says:

    may peace be on earth forever

  42. Hafsa says:

    Just so ya know everyday at 7:00pm we’ll come but I’m early my poem about peace and haromy that’s MY poem nobody else.

  43. Hafsa says:

    The UN are people who give the world peace. In some countries they force children, yes children have to be in the army, but now the countries have signed a paper that says children can’t take part in the army and they signed so that’s alright but countries have been fighting for year and people have to emigrate .Isn’t that right Danyal.

  44. Hafsa says:

    While Danyal is taking his time I’ll tell you about the UN.

  45. Hafsa says:

    Now presenting Danyal he’s gonna read his poem about the UN in a few hours bye from the magnificent Hafsa thankyou thankyou!!!!!.

  46. Year 4 says:

    Thank you for the pictures! x

  47. Year 4 says:

    Thank you for the pictures xx

  48. Year 4 says:

    We are really pleased to see our pictures. Thank you. Class 4 xx

  49. Danyal says:

    we just tricked you of the witch

  50. Danyal says:

    im someone from class 4 too
    oh hello hafsa

  51. Hafsa says:

    This is a poem I wrote
    Peace and Harmony
    peace and harmony two words that all we need
    Peace and harmony peace and harmony
    People are dieing
    Peaple are losing family
    Peace and harmony two words that’s all we need
    Thank you thankyou

  52. Hafsa says:

    Hello every body as you can see I’m someone from class 4 my name is Hafsa yes Mrs Dicken’s doesn’t really look like the Grand High witch

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