Let’s tease you! Tomorrows “morse code message” from the danish children is revealed here and now!

Picture from UNday Manifestation 2011... dots like in a morse code message :-)


The children at Sct. Joergens Skole in Holstebro, Denmark, has formulated the morse code message of UNday 2014. Tomorrow it will be transmitted from the World Heritage Radio Station Grimeton in Sweden with great help from the radio amateurs who operates this historical machinery.

When this happens, you can follow the intense activities from inside the building, if you Watch live on www.unday.org at 12.00 CEST, on 24 Oct 2014, United Nations Day. This message is just one among a lot of material the Children in Gaza, Denmark and Sweden has produced to broadcast tomorrow!

The morse code message – in text:

  • Give all children in the world an education, and this will make the world a better place for everyone.
  • Help the children who has no parents to take care of them.
  • Protect children from forced marriage and abuse of all kinds.
  • Give medicine to all children and do not circumcise Girls.
  • Help the poor and the disabled children in the World.
  • Protect the children’s right to freedom of belief.
  • Protect the children from war and do not use them as Soldiers.
  • Listen to the children. Give them a voice. They are the answer to a better and peaceful World!

Welcome to join the UNday manifestation!

Read more about the class at Sct Jörgens Skole, Denmark.

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