Haga School

Mats Oljelund, Manager asylum seeking pupils
Sabine Kohn, teacher
Gunilla Edding, teacher




Animation in Haga School 


The first day  start with a visit to Theater Halland. The students from Haga School  have met the artists who are working with the play Hedda Gabbler and found out the details of working in a theater.

IMG_1492 IMG_1856 IMG_1885 IMG_1928IMG_1977 IMG_1975 IMG_1969 IMG_1925



Back to our classroom in Haga School we did som drama games.

IMG_2257IMG_2208 IMG_2186IMG_2171IMG_2177IMG_2362


Our imagination  developed by drama games has created some stories.



Tank you Sabinne for the tasty waffles!



….back to work!

M1130008 M1130010 IMG_2323 M1130003 IMG_2239 IMG_2245




…and some breaks


…But also a lot of filming….




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