Three unday messages from Bulgaria came tonight!

In Bulgaria they celebrate unday with us and the rest of the world. Thank you Simona, Stoyan and Mariq-Magdalena for your messages.

Simona Petkova, Rousse, Bulgaria

“Try to think more about the others. Wake up and smile to the world. Try to make yourself a better person and then try to make someone other a better one.  If someone needs help then help him, it will make your day better.. it will make his world better.  If we help eachother and realise that I am under the sun as any other man, then the world’s gonna be a better place to live.. a better place for your children too.”

Stoyan Plamenov Barbukov, Rousse, Bulgaria

“All the people in the world need to realize we aren’t so different from each other. We don’t need to wage wars. We need to find the cure for cancer and AIDS. We need to end the hunger,the killings. But we need all need to take a part in this joint effort. We should not be divided. Don’t be afraid to show some love!GO WORLD PEACE <3”

Mariq-Magdalena Valentinova Kodzhaeva, Rousse, Bulgaria

“On the 24th of October I summon everybody to think about how better the world will be if we stop fighting,think positive, help,  love and respect each other. The world would be a better place if we are just good people!!!”

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