Some more from Bulgaria… the’ve really got it!

Lot’s of greetings are coming to our e-mail from people who wants to receive their Participation Certificate. Lovely messages, so we just have to publish some of them:

“War has always been a part of human history and who knows that may never change, but now after decades of destruction, bloodshed and two world wars we are finally starting to see the error of our ways. For the first time in it’s history humanity is putting this much effort into bringing peace to every corner of the world, but this can only be achieved if all the   nations and people in the world unite together as one and work towards building a brighter future not only for our generation, but for those to come as well.”
From: Constantine Rumenov Koev, Rousse, Bulgaria

“The most powerful and influential countries are members of the United Nations’ Peace-Loving Organization, changing the world around and making it a better place for our parents and for us.
Knowing your state belongs to such a great force makes you feel part of something big and it automatically makes you greater than you think. It inspires you to learn and work in order to develop and prosper, in the same time having high moral standrads in one of the most important personal character qualities – to do everything in a peaceful way.
What encourages my classmates and me to participate in this project? Our need to interact with peers and convince ourselves that young people care about things created in a non-violent way. Keeping regular connections among young people sharing the same system of values is the best strategy to get acquainted and later work actively for the implementation of  UN peace strategies.”
From: Gabrovo

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