UN Day – October 24, 2011

Come and celebrate the United Nations Day October 24, 2011

Time: 12:00 pm CET (Central European Time)
Location: www.unday.org

Pupils in Göthriks WHE School in Varberg, Sweden, are conducting a manifestation along with World Heritage Grimeton Radio Station and regional Theatre Halland.

Students and schools will send a message to all and the future!
To politicians and policy makers in the world!

Does your school want to join us in the manifestation on the UN Day? Visit www.unday.org!


12:00 Welcome to http://www.unday.org, a streamed/live broadcast direct from the World Heritage Grimeton Radio Station, via Los Angeles and all over the World!

12:10 Start of the radio station’s unique long wave transmitter, the SAQ

12:30 Messages is sent in Morse code over the world!

12:40 The pupils Image and Sound manifestations are streamed over the Internet

You can interact and comment on the transmission on the website and blog.
You can prepare and send your own ”unday-messages” to the world around.

Everyone who gets in touch receives a diploma that confirms that you participated in the celebration of UN Day October 24, 2011.

This project is supported by Kulturrådet, Kulturkontakt Nord and Stiftelsen Framtidens Kultur & the companies Trifolium, EsonPac, LBS Masters and ArtifexFilm.

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